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General report, Ireland, 1891


Page 72

General report(80 pages) [Start|End]
X. Religious professions and education of the people(Pages 57-72) [Start|End]
Condition of children aged 5 and under 15 years with regard to elementary education in 1871, 1881, and 1891(Page 72) [Start|End]
Attendance at schools in rural and civic districts(Page 72) [Start|End]
School attendance, fortnight ended 30th May, 1891(Page 72) [Start|End]
XI. Irish speaking population(Pages 72-73) [Start|End]
Persons returned as speaking "Irish only", in 1881 and 1891(Page 72) [Start|End]
Persons returned as speaking "Irish and English", in 1881 and 1891(Page 72) [Start|End]
Proportion of Irish-speaking in the provinces and certain counties(Pages 72-73) [Start|End]
Page 72