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Population tables I, Vol. I. England and Wales. Divisions I-VII, 1851


Page xxii

Report(83 pages) [Start|End]
II. Results and observations(72 pages) [Start|End]
1. Plan of publication-description of the fourteen divisions of the country adopted for convenience of statistical investigation, and for separate publication(Pages 19-20, 1 foldout, Pages xxi-xxii) [Start|End]
"General arrangement, and examples of the information comprised in each divisional part of the population tables"(Page 20, 1 foldout, Pages xxi-xxii) [Start|End]
2. Persons absent from Great Britain, and from their usual places of abode(Pages xxii-xxv) [Start|End]
Tables of the army, navy, and merchant seamen, at home and abroad, belonging to Great Britain; British subjects in foreign countries(Pages xxii-xxiv) [Start|End]
Page xxii