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Population tables I, Vol. I. England and Wales. Divisions I-VII, 1851


Page xxv

Report(83 pages) [Start|End]
II. Results and observations(72 pages) [Start|End]
2. Persons absent from Great Britain, and from their usual places of abode(Pages xxii-xxv) [Start|End]
Number of aliens and foreigners in England, reported by captains of ships(Page xxv) [Start|End]
3. Number of the people(Pages xxv-xxxiv) [Start|End]
Proportion of the sexes and increase of population, illustrated by tables of the male and female population, at each of the censuses 1801-51; also of the actual increase in each decennial period, and rates of increase per cent(Pages xxv-xxviii) [Start|End]
Page xxv