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County of Yorkshire: East and North Ridings (Part II), 1931


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B. Areas altered between 26th April 1931, and 30th June 1935, showing constitution as at the latter date in terms of constitution as at the former date, together with particulars of acreage and population (A. C. s, C. B. s, M. B. s, U. D. s, R. D. s and C. P. s)(Pages 6-23) [Start|End]
C. Acreage and census populations of all areas as constituted at 30th June 1935 (A. C. s, C. B. s, M. B. s, U. D. s, R. D. s, wards of urban areas, and C. P. s)(Pages 23-29) [Start|End]
Page 23