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County of London. Tables Part. II, 1921

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page & contents
(3 pages)Contract subtree Preface
(Page ii) Explanatory notes
(93 pages)Contract subtree Tables (part ii)
(Pages 48-79) 16. Occupation (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Page 79) 17. Occupations (condensed list) (this table does not apply to London)
(Pages 80-109) 18. Occupations (condensed list) by marital condition, industrial status and 12 age groups (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Page 110) 19. Proportion of occupied to total persons in various age groups 1911 and 1921. (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Page 111) 20. Proportion of single, married, widowed, and of employers, workers, etc., in various groups of occupations (A. C.)
(Pages 112-113) 21. Birthplaces (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Pages 114-128) 22. Foreign-born population by country of birth and nationality (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Pages 129-131) 22a. Aliens by country of birth, age, and marital condition (A. C.)
(Pages 132-135) 22b. Aliens by country of birth and occupation (A. C.)
(Pages 136-137) 23. Dependency. Number and distribution of families (children under 16) by age and marital condition of parent (A. C.)
(Pages 138-140) 24. Orphanhood of children aged less than 15 (A. C. and Met. B. S.)