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Parish register abstract, 1801

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-4) Title page & contents
(372 pages)Expand subtree England
(2 pages)Expand subtree England, summary
(66 pages)Contract subtree Wales
(Pages 375-379)Expand subtree Anglesey
(Pages 380-384)Expand subtree Brecon
(Pages 385-389)Expand subtree Cardigan
(Pages 390-394)Expand subtree Carmarthen
(Pages 395-400)Expand subtree Carnarvon
(Pages 401-405)Expand subtree Denbigh
(Page 406)Expand subtree Flint
(Pages 407-416)Expand subtree Glamorgan
(Pages 417-420)Expand subtree Merioneth
(Pages 421-426)Expand subtree Montgomery
(Pages 427-434)Expand subtree Pembroke
(Pages 435-438)Expand subtree Radnor
(Page 439)Expand subtree Wales, summary
(8 pages)Expand subtree Appendix. Cities of London and Westminster, &c
(6 pages)Expand subtree Supplement, containing a summary of such returns as were not received in time to be inserted in their respective places
(2 pages)Expand subtree Final summary, England and Wales
(4 pages)Expand subtree Scotland. Summary of parishes where registers have been kept