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Parish register abstract, 1801

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-4) Title page & contents
(372 pages)Contract subtree England
(Pages 1-6)Contract subtree Bedford
(Page 1) County of Bedford. Hundred of Barford  Download table
(Page 1) County of Bedford. Hundred of Biggleswade  Download table
(Page 2) County of Bedford. Hundred of Clifton  Download table
(Page 2) County of Bedford. Hundred of Flitt  Download table
(Page 3) County of Bedford. Hundred of Manshead  Download table
(Page 3) County of Bedford. Hundred of Redborne-Stoke  Download table
(Page 4) County of Bedford. Hundred of Stodden  Download table
(Page 4) County of Bedford. Hundred of Willey  Download table
(Page 5) County of Bedford. Hundred of Wixamtree  Download table
(Page 5) County of Bedford. Town of Bedford  Download table
(Page 6) County of Bedford. Summary  Download table
(Pages 7-19)Expand subtree Berks
(Pages 20-25)Expand subtree Bucks
(Pages 26-34)Expand subtree Cambridge
(Pages 35-39)Expand subtree Chester
(Pages 40-45)Expand subtree Cornwall
(Pages 46-49)Expand subtree Cumberland
(Pages 50-53)Expand subtree Derby
(Pages 54-70)Expand subtree Devon
(Pages 71-79)Expand subtree Dorset
(Pages 80-84)Expand subtree Durham
(Pages 85-98)Expand subtree Essex
(Pages 99-115)Expand subtree Gloucester
(Pages 116-122)Expand subtree Hereford
(Pages 123-128)Expand subtree Hertford
(Pages 129-132)Expand subtree Huntingdon
(Pages 145-152)Expand subtree Lancaster
(Pages 153-157)Expand subtree Leicester
(Pages 158-175)Expand subtree Lincoln
(Pages 176-184)Expand subtree Middlesex
(Pages 185-189)Expand subtree Monmouth
(Pages 190-207)Expand subtree Norfolk
(Pages 208-219)Expand subtree Northampton
(Pages 220-224)Expand subtree Northumberland
(Pages 225-231)Expand subtree Nottingham
(Pages 232-240)Expand subtree Oxford
(Pages 241-243)Expand subtree Rutland
(Pages 253-273)Expand subtree Somerset
(Pages 274-281)Expand subtree Southampton
(Pages 282-287)Expand subtree Stafford
(Pages 288-300)Expand subtree Suffolk
(Pages 301-308)Expand subtree Surrey
(Pages 309-314)Expand subtree Sussex
(Pages 315-320)Expand subtree Warwick
(Pages 321-324)Expand subtree Westmorland
(Pages 342-348)Expand subtree Worcester
(2 pages)Expand subtree England, summary
(66 pages)Expand subtree Wales
(8 pages)Expand subtree Appendix. Cities of London and Westminster, &c
(6 pages)Expand subtree Supplement, containing a summary of such returns as were not received in time to be inserted in their respective places
(2 pages)Expand subtree Final summary, England and Wales
(4 pages)Expand subtree Scotland. Summary of parishes where registers have been kept