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King's County, 1851

Table of Contents

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(Page 121) Title page
(23 pages)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes and townlands
(Pages 123-124) Barony of Ballyboy
(Pages 124-127) Barony of Ballybritt
(Pages 127-129) Barony of Ballycowan
(Pages 129-132) Barony of Clonlisk
(Pages 132-133) Barony of Coolestown
(Pages 134-135) Barony of Eglish
(Pages 135-139) Barony of Garrycastle
(Pages 139-140) Barony of Geashill
(Pages 140-141) Barony of Kilcoursey
(Pages 142-143) Barony of Lower Philipstown
(Pages 143-144) Barony of Upper Philipstown
(Pages 144-145) Barony of Warrenstown
(Page 145) Summary by baronies
(4 pages)Contract subtree Poor law unions and electoral divisions
(Page 145) Union of Edenderry, part of
(Page 146) Union of Mountmellick, part of
(Page 146) Union of Parsonstown, part of
(Page 146) Union of Roscrea, part of
(Page 147) Union of Tullamore, part of
(Page 147) Summary by poor law unions