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General report, Ireland, 1891

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-16) Title page & contents
(80 pages)Contract subtree General report
(Pages 1-5)Expand subtree Introduction
(Pages 6-18)Expand subtree I. Area, houses, and population
(Pages 18-19)Expand subtree II. Ages of the people
(Pages 20-22)Expand subtree III. Civil or conjugal condition of the people
(Pages 22-27)Expand subtree IV. Occupations of the people
(Page 28)Expand subtree V. Birthplaces of the people
(Page 29)Expand subtree VI. Foreigners
(Pages 29-47)Expand subtree VII. The sick and infirm
(Pages 47-49)Expand subtree VIII. Public institutions
(Pages 49-57)Contract subtree IX. Religious professions of the people
(Page 49) Previous computations
(Page 49) Report on religious profession in 1861
(Page 49) Reports for 1871 and 1881
(Page 50) Areas for which statistics of religious profession are given
(Page 50) Classification adopted
(Page 50) General view of religious professions for 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891
(Page 50) Information as to religious profession refused
(Page 51) Religious professions of inhabitants of each province
(Pages 52-53) Occupations of inmates of each county, city, &c
(Page 54) Occupations of inmates of each poor law union
(Page 54) Occupations of inmates of parliamentary divisions of counties
(Page 54) Occupations of inmates of parliamentary boroughs
(Page 54) Occupations of inmates of towns
(Page 55) Occupations of inmates of rural districts
(Page 55) Ecclesiastical divisions
(Page 55) Dioceses
(Page 56) Present arrangement of dioceses
(Pages 56-57) Absolute and relative number of each denomination in the dioceses
(Pages 57-72)Expand subtree X. Religious professions and education of the people
(Pages 72-73)Expand subtree XI. Irish speaking population
(Pages 73-74)Expand subtree XII. Emigration
(Pages 74-75)Expand subtree XIII. Miscellaneous tables
(Pages 76-77)Expand subtree XIV. Maps and diagrams
(Pages 77-79)Expand subtree Conclusion
(41 pages)Expand subtree Maps and diagrams
(432 pages)Expand subtree General report tables
(52 pages)Expand subtree Appendix. Copies of circulars, forms, &c