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Area, houses, and population, Vol. III, Ireland, 1891

Table of Contents

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(Page 1, Page 1) Title page & contents
(166 pages)Expand subtree County of Antrim
(82 pages)Expand subtree County of Armagh
(94 pages)Expand subtree County of Cavan
(122 pages)Expand subtree County of Donegal
(112 pages)Expand subtree County of Down
(94 pages)Expand subtree County of Fermanagh
(88 pages)Expand subtree County and city of Londonderry
(86 pages)Expand subtree County of Monaghan
(110 pages)Contract subtree County of Tyrone
(Pages 847-850) Title page & contents
(Pages 851-852) Summary
(Pages 853-902)Expand subtree Area, houses, and population
(Pages 903-904)Expand subtree Miscellaneous tables
(Pages 904-907)Expand subtree Ages of the people
(Pages 907-909)Expand subtree Civil or conjugal condition of the people
(Pages 910-937)Contract subtree Occupations of the people
(Pages 910-911) XVIII. Occupations of males and females, distinguishing those under 20 years of age from those of 20 years and upwards
(Pages 912-921) XIX. Occupations of males and females by ages, education, religious professions, and sexes
(Pages 922-927) XX. Occupations of males and females, aged 20 years and upwards, in each poor law union, or superintendent registrar's district
(Pages 928-936) XXI. Occupations of males and females under 20, and 20 years and upwards, in the principal towns
(Page 937) XXII. Occupiers of land engaged in other pursuits besides farming
(Pages 936-940)Expand subtree Birthplaces of the people
(Pages 940-941)Expand subtree Foreigners
(Page 941)Expand subtree Blind, deaf and dumb, &c
(Pages 942-943)Expand subtree Religious professions of the people
(Pages 944-954)Expand subtree Religious professions and education of the people
(Page 955)Expand subtree Emigration
(48 pages)Expand subtree Summary tables and indexes
(60 pages)Expand subtree Indexes