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Parish register abstract, 1811

Table of Contents

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(Page 1) Title page
(187 pages)Contract subtree Parish register abstract: England
(Pages 1-3)Expand subtree Bedford
(Pages 4-10)Expand subtree Berks
(Pages 11-13)Expand subtree Buckingham
(Pages 14-18)Expand subtree Cambridge
(Pages 19-21)Expand subtree Chester
(Pages 22-24)Expand subtree Cornwall
(Pages 25-26)Expand subtree Cumberland
(Pages 27-28)Expand subtree Derby
(Pages 29-37)Expand subtree Devon
(Pages 38-42)Expand subtree Dorset
(Pages 43-45)Expand subtree Durham
(Pages 45-51)Expand subtree Essex
(Pages 52-59)Expand subtree Gloucester
(Pages 60-63)Expand subtree Hereford
(Pages 63-66)Expand subtree Hertford
(Pages 66-67)Expand subtree Huntingdon
(Pages 72-76)Expand subtree Lancaster
(Pages 76-78)Expand subtree Leicester
(Pages 79-87)Expand subtree Lincoln
(Pages 88-91)Expand subtree Middlesex
(Pages 92-93)Expand subtree Monmouth
(Pages 94-103)Expand subtree Norfolk
(Pages 104-109)Expand subtree Northampton
(Pages 110-112)Expand subtree Northumberland
(Pages 112-116)Expand subtree Nottingham
(Pages 117-121)Expand subtree Oxford
(Pages 121-122)Expand subtree Rutland
(Pages 127-138)Expand subtree Somerset
(Pages 139-142)Expand subtree Southampton
(Pages 143-145)Expand subtree Stafford
(Pages 145-151)Expand subtree Suffolk
(Pages 152-156)Expand subtree Surrey
(Pages 156-158)Expand subtree Sussex
(Pages 159-161)Expand subtree Warwick
(Pages 161-162)Expand subtree Westmorland
(Pages 171-173)Expand subtree Worcester
(Page 187) Summary of England  Download table
(8 pages)Contract subtree Parish register abstract. Wales
(Page 189)Expand subtree Anglesey
(Page 189)Expand subtree Brecon
(Page 190)Expand subtree Cardigan
(Page 190)Expand subtree Carmarthen
(Page 191)Expand subtree Carnavon
(Page 191)Expand subtree Denbigh
(Page 192)Expand subtree Flint
(Page 192)Expand subtree Glamorgan
(Page 193)Expand subtree Merioneth
(Page 193)Expand subtree Montgomery
(Page 194)Expand subtree Pembroke
(Page 194)Expand subtree Radnor
(Page 195) Summary of Wales  Download table
(1 page)Contract subtree Summary of England and Wales
(Page 196) Summary of England and Wales  Download table
(4 pages)Contract subtree Appendix. The Metropolis
(Page 197) The Metropolis. 4. The out-parishes in Middlesex and Surrey, including the borough of Southwark  Download table
(Page 198) Parish-register abstract. 5. Parishes not within the London bills of mortality, but forming part of the Metropolis  Download table
(Page 198) Summary of the Metropolis  Download table
(Page 199) Remarks  Download table
(Page 200) Parish-register abstract. Baptisms and burials within the London bills of mortality  Download table