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Population. Administrative counties, England and Wales. Vol. I, 1891

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Title and contents
(32 pages)Contract subtree Summary tables
(Page v) Table I. England and Wales. Houses and population enumerated in 1881 and 1891
(Page v) Table II. England and Wales. Population including the English and Welsh portions of the army, navy and Merchant seamen serving out of England and Wales at the date of the last census in 1891
(Pages vi-vii) Table III. Administrative counties and county boroughs. Area, houses and population in 1891
(Page viii) Table IV. Ancient counties. Area, houses and population in 1891
(Pages ix-xviii) Table V. Parliamentary counties and boroughs and their divisions. Inhabited houses and population in 1891
(Pages xix-xxiii) Table VI. Municipal boroughs. Area and inhabited houses and population in 1881 and 1891
(Page xxiv) Table VII. Ecclesiastical provinces and dioceses. Inhabited houses and population in 1891
(Pages xxv-xxxi) Table VIII. Ecclesiastical dioceses. Inhabited houses and population in 1891 in the ancient counties, or parts of such counties, comprised with each diocese
(Pages xxxii-xxxvi) Table IX. Civil parishes situated in more than one administrative area
(432 pages)Contract subtree England
(Pages 1-5) Bedford
(Pages 6-13) Berks
(Pages 14-20) Bucks
(Pages 21-27) Cambridge
(Pages 28-39) Chester
(Pages 40-47) Cornwall
(Pages 48-54) Cumberland
(Pages 55-64) Derby
(Pages 65-78) Devon
(Pages 79-86) Dorset
(Pages 87-95) Durham
(Pages 96-108) Essex
(Pages 109-120) Gloucester
(Pages 121-132) Hants (Southampton)
(Pages 133-140) Hereford
(Pages 141-146) Hertford
(Pages 147-151) Huntingdon
(Pages 166-188) Lancaster
(Pages 189-198) Leicester
(Pages 199-216) Lincoln
(Pages 217-231) London
(Pages 232-236) Middlesex
(Pages 237-242) Monmouth
(Pages 243-259) Norfolk
(Pages 260-269) Northampton
(Pages 270-278) Northumberland
(Pages 279-286) Nottingham
(Pages 287-295) Oxford
(Pages 296-297) Rutland
(Pages 307-319) Somerset
(Pages 320-330) Stafford
(Pages 331-344) Suffolk
(Pages 345-351) Surrey
(Pages 352-361) Sussex
(Pages 362-371) Warwick
(Pages 372-375) Westmorland
(Pages 386-394) Worcester
(50 pages)Contract subtree Wales
(Pages 433-435)Expand subtree Anglesey
(Pages 436-439) Brecknock
(Pages 440-443) Cardigan
(Pages 444-447) Carmarthen
(Pages 448-451) Carnarvon
(Pages 452-455) Denbigh
(Pages 460-466) Glamorgan
(Pages 467-469) Merioneth
(Pages 470-473) Montgomery
(Pages 474-479) Pembroke
(Pages 480-482) Radnor