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Observations, enumeration and parish register abstracts, 1821

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Table of contents
(31 pages)Contract subtree Preliminary observations
(Pages v-xiv, 2 foldouts, Pages xvii-xx)Expand subtree I. Enumeration abstract
(Pages xxi-xxvii) II. Parish register abstract
(Pages xxvii-xxxi) III. Increase of the population
(Pages xxxii-xxxv) IV. Tables of the several counties
(431 pages)Contract subtree Enumerations abstract. England
(Pages 1-2) Title page and contents
(Pages 1-4) Bedford
(Pages 5-12) Berks
(Pages 13-18) Buckingham
(Pages 19-24) Cambridge
(Pages 25-36) Chester
(Pages 37-42) Cornwall
(Pages 43-51) Cumberland
(Pages 52-60) Derby
(Pages 61-73) Devon
(Pages 74-83) Dorset
(Pages 84-92) Durham
(Pages 93-103) Essex
(Pages 104-119) Gloucester
(Pages 120-127) Hereford
(Pages 128-132) Hertford
(Pages 133-136) Huntingdon
(Pages 150-161) Lancaster
(Pages 162-170) Leicester
(Pages 171-189)Expand subtree Lincoln
(Pages 190-197) Middlesex
(Pages 198-203) Monmouth
(Pages 204-221) Norfolk
(Pages 222-231) Northampton
(Pages 232-245) Northumberland
(Pages 246-253) Nottingham
(Pages 254-262) Oxford
(Pages 263-265) Rutland
(Pages 276-291) Somerset
(Pages 292-302) Southampton
(Pages 303-312) Stafford
(Pages 313-325) Suffolk
(Pages 326-331) Surrey
(Pages 332-342) Sussex
(Pages 343-350) Warwick
(Pages 351-354) Westmorland
(Pages 368-375) Worcester
(Pages 427-429) Summary of England
(58 pages)Contract subtree Enumerations abstract. Wales
(Pages 431-434) Anglesey
(Pages 435-439) Brecon
(Pages 440-444) Cardigan
(Pages 445-449) Carmarthen
(Pages 450-453) Carnarvon
(Pages 454-458) Denbigh
(Pages 462-468) Glamorgan
(Pages 469-471) Merioneth
(Pages 472-476) Montgomery
(Pages 477-481) Pembroke
(Pages 482-485) Radnor
(Pages 486-487) Summary of Wales
(54 pages)Contract subtree Enumerations abstract. Scotland
(Pages 489-492) Aberdeen
(Pages 493-495) Argyll
(Page 499) Banff
(Page 500) Berwick
(Page 501) Bute
(Page 501) Caithness
(Page 502) Clackmannan
(Page 503) Dumbarton
(Pages 503-504) Dumfries
(Pages 505-506) Edinburgh
(Page 507) Elgin
(Pages 511-512) Forfar
(Page 513) Haddington
(Pages 514-515) Inverness
(Page 516) Kincardine
(Page 517) Kinross
(Page 518) Stewartry of Kirkcudbright
(Pages 519-521) Lanark
(Page 522) Linlithgow
(Page 523) Nairn
(Pages 524-526) Orkney and Shetland
(Page 527) Peebles
(Page 531) Renfrew
(Page 532) Ross and Cromarty
(Pages 533-534) Roxburgh
(Page 535) Selkirk
(Page 536) Stirling
(Page 537) Sutherland
(Page 538) Wigtown
(Pages 539-541) Summary of Scotland
(Pages 542-543) General summary of Great Britain
(8 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Pages 545-548) Islands in the British Seas
(Pages 549-551) Metropolis
(Pages 1-2) Title page and contents
(144 pages)Contract subtree Parish register abstract. England
(Pages 1-2)Expand subtree Bedford
(Pages 3-7)Expand subtree Berks
(Pages 8-10)Expand subtree Bucks
(Pages 11-14)Expand subtree Cambridge
(Pages 15-16)Expand subtree Chester
(Pages 17-19)Expand subtree Cornwall
(Pages 20-21)Expand subtree Cumberland
(Pages 22-23)Expand subtree Derby
(Pages 24-29)Expand subtree Devon
(Pages 30-33)Expand subtree Dorset
(Pages 34-36)Expand subtree Durham
(Pages 37-41)Expand subtree Essex
(Pages 42-47)Expand subtree Gloucester
(Pages 48-50)Expand subtree Hereford
(Pages 51-52)Expand subtree Hertford
(Pages 53-54)Expand subtree Huntingdon
(Pages 58-61)Expand subtree Lancaster
(Pages 62-63)Expand subtree Leicester
(Pages 64-70)Expand subtree Lincoln
(Pages 71-73)Expand subtree Middlesex
(Pages 74-75)Expand subtree Monmouth
(Pages 76-82)Expand subtree Norfolk
(Pages 83-86)Expand subtree Northampton
(Pages 87-88)Expand subtree Northumberland
(Pages 89-91)Expand subtree Nottingham
(Pages 92-94)Expand subtree Oxford
(Pages 95-96)Expand subtree Rutland
(Pages 97-99)Expand subtree Salop
(Pages 100-107)Expand subtree Somerset
(Pages 108-110)Expand subtree Southampton
(Pages 111-112)Expand subtree Stafford
(Pages 113-117)Expand subtree Suffolk
(Pages 118-120)Expand subtree Surrey
(Pages 121-123)Expand subtree Sussex
(Pages 124-125)Expand subtree Warwick
(Pages 126-127)Expand subtree Westmorland
(Pages 134-135)Expand subtree Worcester
(1 page)Contract subtree Summary of England
(Page 145) Summary of England  Download table
(7 pages)Contract subtree Parish register abstract. Wales
(Page 147)Expand subtree Anglesey
(Page 147)Expand subtree Brecon
(Page 148)Expand subtree Cardigan
(Page 148)Expand subtree Carmarthen
(Page 149)Expand subtree Carnarvon
(Page 149)Expand subtree Denbigh
(Page 150)Expand subtree Flint
(Page 150)Expand subtree Glamorgan
(Page 151)Expand subtree Merioneth
(Page 151)Expand subtree Montgomery
(Page 152)Expand subtree Pembroke
(Page 152)Expand subtree Radnor
(1 page)Contract subtree Summary of Wales
(Page 153) Wales. Summary of baptisms, burials and marriages  Download table
(1 page)Contract subtree Summary of England and Wales
(Page 154) Summary of England and Wales  Download table
(7 pages)Contract subtree Appendices
(Page 156)Expand subtree Appendix A. Islands in the British Seas
(Pages 157-161)Expand subtree Appendix B. The Metropolis