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Parish register abstract, 1831

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title & contents pages
(426 pages)Expand subtree England
(73 pages)Expand subtree Wales: Anglesey to Radnor
(6 pages)Contract subtree Summary of England and Wales
(Page 486) Summary of returns of parish registers received too late for insertion in their respective counties  Download table
(Page 486) Summary of England and Wales  Download table
(Page 487) Summary of England and Wales. Ages of 3938496 persons buried in England and Wales, (of whom 1996195 males, 1942301 females), during eighteen years, 1813-1830  Download table
(Page 488) Summary of England and Wales. Table of mortality for England and Wales, deduced from the foregoing account of ages  Download table
(Page 489) Summary of England and Wales. Proportion of burials to the population, 1801-1830  Download table
(Page 489) Summary of England and Wales. Increase of population, 1801-1830  Download table
(Page 490) Illegitimate children. Born in the several counties of England and Wales in the year 1830, with the proportion of such children to the average number of other children born in such year  Download table
(2 pages)Expand subtree Appendix (a) Islands in the British Seas
(9 pages)Expand subtree Appendix (b) the Metropolis