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Parish register abstract, 1831

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title & contents pages
(426 pages)Contract subtree England
(Pages 19-26)Expand subtree Buckingham
(Pages 57-62)Expand subtree Derby
(Pages 89-94)Expand subtree Durham
(Pages 95-108)Expand subtree Essex
(Pages 123-129)Expand subtree Hereford
(Pages 130-135)Expand subtree Hertford
(Pages 136-140)Expand subtree Huntingdon
(Pages 189-197)Expand subtree Middlesex
(Pages 198-203)Expand subtree Monmouth
(Pages 204-224)Expand subtree Norfolk
(Pages 225-235)Expand subtree Northampton
(Pages 236-242)Expand subtree Northumberland
(Pages 243-252)Expand subtree Nottingham
(Pages 253-261)Expand subtree Oxford
(Pages 262-266)Expand subtree Rutland
(Pages 276-293)Expand subtree Somerset
(Pages 294-304)Expand subtree Southampton
(Pages 305-311)Expand subtree Stafford
(Pages 312-326)Expand subtree Suffolk
(Pages 327-334)Expand subtree Surrey
(Pages 335-343)Expand subtree Sussex
(Pages 344-351)Expand subtree Warwick
(Pages 352-356)Contract subtree Westmorland
(Page 352) County of Westmorland. East ward  Download table
(Page 352) County of Westmorland. Kendal ward  Download table
(Page 353) County of Westmorland. Lonsdale ward  Download table
(Page 353) County of Westmorland. West ward  Download table
(Page 353) County of Westmorland. Kendal town  Download table
(Page 354) County of Westmorland. Summary of baptisms, burials and marriages, in the county of Westmorland  Download table
(Page 354) County of Westmorland. Ages of 16009 persons buried in the county of Westmorland, (of whom 7890 males, 8119 females), during eighteen years, 1813-1830  Download table
(Page 355) County of Westmorland. Table of mortality for the county of Westmorland, deduced from the foregoing account of ages  Download table
(Page 355) County of Westmorland. Proportion of burials to the population, 1801-1830  Download table
(Page 356) County of Westmorland. Increase of population, 1801-1830  Download table
(Pages 370-376)Expand subtree Worcester
(Pages 412-414)Expand subtree Summary of England
(73 pages)Expand subtree Wales: Anglesey to Radnor
(6 pages)Expand subtree Summary of England and Wales
(2 pages)Expand subtree Appendix (a) Islands in the British Seas
(9 pages)Expand subtree Appendix (b) the Metropolis