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Population tables I, Vol. I. England and Wales. Divisions I-VII, 1851

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Title page and contents of volume 1
(Pages v-viii) Contents of report
(83 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Pages ix-xviii)Expand subtree I. Objects of the census; and machinery employed
(72 pages)Contract subtree II. Results and observations
(Pages 19-20, 1 foldout, Pages xxi-xxii)Expand subtree 1. Plan of publication-description of the fourteen divisions of the country adopted for convenience of statistical investigation, and for separate publication
(Pages xxii-xxv)Expand subtree 2. Persons absent from Great Britain, and from their usual places of abode
(Pages xxv-xxxiv)Expand subtree 3. Number of the people
(Pages xxxiv-xliv)Expand subtree 4. Families and houses
(1 foldout, Pages xlix-l, Page 1)Expand subtree 6. Density and proximty of the population
(Pages 51-78, Page 1, Pages lxxix-lxxxi)Contract subtree 7. Territorial subdivisions
(Pages 51-54)Expand subtree (I.) Islands
(Pages 55-56)Expand subtree (II.) England, Wales, Scotland, and the Islands in the British Seas
(Pages 56-57)Expand subtree (III.) Ancient kingdoms and provinces in England, Wales, and Scotland
(Pages 58-62)Expand subtree (Iii-1.) Shires
(Pages 62-64)Expand subtree (III-2.) Hundreds
(Page 65) (IV.) Sessional divisions
(Pages 65-69)Expand subtree (V.). Municipal cities and boroughs
(Pages 69-70) (VI.) Parliamentary boroughs, with table
(Page 70)Expand subtree (VII.) Townships, parishes, manors
(Pages 71-73)Expand subtree (VIII.) Ecclesiastical districts, and dioceses
(Pages 73-76)Expand subtree (IX.) Changes in the ancient territorial subdivisions of the county
(Pages 77-78, Page 1, Pages lxxix-lxxxi)Contract subtree (X.) Recent territorial subdivisions of the country
(Pages 77-78, Page 1, Page lxxix)Expand subtree (X-1.) Districts (unions)
(Pages lxxix-lxxx)Expand subtree (X-2.) "Registration counties. "
(Pages lxxx-lxxxi)Expand subtree (X-3) "divisions. "
(Pages lxxxii-lxxxiv)Expand subtree 8. Some of the general results of the inquiry
(79 pages)Expand subtree Appendix to report:-
(Page clxiv) Errata
(57 pages)Expand subtree Summary tables
(48 pages)Expand subtree Division i. London comprising the districts or poor law unions, sub-districts, parishes and places, included within the limits of the Metropolis, as defined in the present London weekly tables of mortality being parts of the counties of Middlesex, Surrey, and Kent
(105 pages)Expand subtree Division ii. South Eastern division. Comprising Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire
(96 pages)Expand subtree Division iii. South Midland division comprising Middlesex (except the Metropolitan portion) Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire
(83 pages)Expand subtree Division iv. Comprising Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk
(115 pages)Expand subtree Division v. South Western division. Comprising Wiltshire, Cornwall, Dorsetshire, and Devonshire, Somersetshire
(133 pages)Expand subtree Division vi. West Midland division. Comprising Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire