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Population tables I, Vol. I. England and Wales. Divisions I-VII, 1851

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Title page and contents of volume 1
(Pages v-viii) Contents of report
(83 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Pages ix-xviii)Contract subtree I. Objects of the census; and machinery employed
(Page ix) 1. Authority for taking the census and extent of territory which it comprised
(Page x) 2. Objects contemplated by the inquiry; nature of the information collected at each of the censuses 1801-51
(Page xi) 3. Local machinery employed in taking the census of 1851 in England and Wales, in Scotland, and in the Islands in the British Seas
(Page xii) 4. Principles on which the enumeration districts were formed; mode of treating public institutions
(Page xiii) 5. Process of enumeration. Distribution of householders' schedules, and of forms for places of worship and schools; collection of the schedules and forms on March 31st, 1851
(Pages xiv-xv) 6. Duties of the enumerators after the enumeration. Transcription of the schedules; estimate of numbers of persons not in dwellinghouses, and of persons only temporarily present or absent
(Pages xv-xvi) 7. Revision of the enumeration books by the registrars; directions as to points for especial attention. Further revision by the superintendent registrars
(Page xvi) 8. Special arrangements for the enumeration of persons on board vessels in harbour, and ships at sea
(Pages xvii-xviii) 9. Measures taken for obtaining the numbers, at home and abroad, of the army, royal artillery and ordnance, halfpay officers, and pensioners; of civil servants of the Crown; European troops, and civilians in the East indies; the population of the colonies; and British subjects in foreign countries
(Page xviii) Receipt of the householders' schedules and enumeration books at the census office; revision of the returns-points which formed the subject of special attention
(72 pages)Contract subtree II. Results and observations
(Pages 19-20, 1 foldout, Pages xxi-xxii)Contract subtree 1. Plan of publication-description of the fourteen divisions of the country adopted for convenience of statistical investigation, and for separate publication
(Page 20, 1 foldout, Pages xxi-xxii) "General arrangement, and examples of the information comprised in each divisional part of the population tables"
(Pages xxii-xxv)Contract subtree 2. Persons absent from Great Britain, and from their usual places of abode
(Pages xxii-xxiv) Tables of the army, navy, and merchant seamen, at home and abroad, belonging to Great Britain; British subjects in foreign countries
(Page xxiv) Displacements of the population; the great exhibition of 1851
(Page xxv) Number of aliens and foreigners in England, reported by captains of ships
(Pages xxv-xxxiv)Contract subtree 3. Number of the people
(Pages xxv-xxviii) Proportion of the sexes and increase of population, illustrated by tables of the male and female population, at each of the censuses 1801-51; also of the actual increase in each decennial period, and rates of increase per cent
(Page xxix) Annual rate of increase; table of the population of England and Wales, estimated for each year, from 1801 to 1851
(Page xxx) "Increase of the sexes shown to have been at equal rates; decennial rates of increase; probable number of survivors in 1851 of the population enumeratedat previous censuses "
(Page xxx) Period in which the population would double itself
(Pages xxxi-xxxii) Law of population. Population dependent on the duration of life, on age of parents when children are born, marriages and their fertility, migration, subsistence and epidemics. Table showing the number of married and unmarried women in division ii
(Page xxxii) Population of the United Kingdom, and emigration since 1821. Table
(Pages xxxiii-xxxiv) Tables of the population and rates of increase in the counties of England, Wales, and Scotland, 1801-1851
(Pages xxxiv-xliv)Contract subtree 4. Families and houses
(Pages xxxv-xxxvi) "Occupiers"; numbers of families; peculiarity of English dwellinghouses, as compared with those of France and Germany; persons to a family, and to a house
(Page xxxvii) Want of uniformity in the Scotch returns of houses at previous censuses "flats" in Scotland. Table of inhabited houses, families, and persons, 1801-1851
(Page xxxviii) Definition of "house"; proportion of families to houses
(Pages xxxviii-xl) Families and houses in each of the divisions of Great Britain
(Page xl) Number of families in the houses of 14 subdistricts of England; variable number of persons in houses
(Pages xli-xliii) Classification and constitution of families, with tables
(Page xliv) Number of persons in the principal public institutions, in vessels and barges, in barns and tents. Tables
(Page xlv) Designation of dwellings and collections of dwellings; location of families; villages
(Page xlvi, 2 foldouts, Page xlvii) Number, population, and distribution of towns of various classes, county towns and towns of adventitious character. Tables
(Page xlviii) The Metropolis, and large towns; population in 1801 and 1851 in six classes of towns, with tables
(1 foldout, Pages xlix-l, Page 1)Contract subtree 6. Density and proximty of the population
(Pages xlix-l) Acres to each person; proximity in 1801 and 1851; distance of population from a central point
(Pages 51-78, Page 1, Pages lxxix-lxxxi)Contract subtree 7. Territorial subdivisions
(Pages 51-54)Contract subtree (I.) Islands
(Pages 51-53) Distribution of the British population over a multitude of Islands; the inhabited Islands and their population; the northmen
(Page 54) Incorporation of the Islands with the subdivisions of the mainland
(Pages 55-56)Contract subtree (II.) England, Wales, Scotland, and the Islands in the British Seas
(Page 56) Area of the great territorial subdivisions
(Pages 56-57)Contract subtree (III.) Ancient kingdoms and provinces in England, Wales, and Scotland
(Page 56) Roman provinces and cities
(Page 57) Subdivisions of Britain in the early Saxon period, during the heptarchy; union of the kingdoms by conquest
(Pages 58-62)Contract subtree (Iii-1.) Shires
(Page 58) Subdivisions of the Saxon kingdoms; division of the kingdom into shires, hundreds, and tythings, by Alfred
(Pages 59-60) Names of shires in the chronicles and the principles on which they were formed
(Page 61) Shires in the reign of Henry II
(Page 61) Counties of Wales and Scotland
(Page 61) County boundaries
(Page 62) Officers and functions of counties
(Pages 62-64)Contract subtree (III-2.) Hundreds
(Page 62) Hundreds, tythings, and hides
(Page 63) Questionable whether the territorial "hundreds" ever consisted of a hundred hides or a hundred free families
(Pages 63-64) Principles and peculiarities of the subdivision of the Northern counties
(Page 65) (IV.) Sessional divisions
(Pages 65-69)Contract subtree (V.). Municipal cities and boroughs
(Page 65) Roman cities and Saxon burghs. Identity of the hundred and the burgh
(Page 66) Modifications of the burgh hundred; boroughs in Domesday
(Page 66) Municipal officers
(Page 67) Reformed municipal corporations. Dormant and extinct corporations
(Pages 68-69) Municipal organization and magnitude of English, Welsh, and Scotch boroughs. Towns having no municipal organization
(Pages 69-70) (VI.) Parliamentary boroughs, with table
(Page 70)Contract subtree (VII.) Townships, parishes, manors
(Page 70) Redistribution of England after the conquest
(Pages 71-73)Contract subtree (VIII.) Ecclesiastical districts, and dioceses
(Page 72) Nature of the ecclesiastical districts, or new parishes, returned in the present abstract
(Page 72) Residuary districts. "Quoad Sacra parishes" in Scotland
(Page 73) Ecclesiastical division of the country into dioceses, archdeaconries, and deaneries
(Pages 73-76)Contract subtree (IX.) Changes in the ancient territorial subdivisions of the county
(Pages 73-76)Contract subtree (IC-1.) Counties
(Page 73) Annexation of the Welsh marches
(Page 74) Counties divided under the reform act for the purpose of returning additional members to parliament
(Page 75) Tabular view of the area and population annexed to, and severed from, the counties of England and Wales by the act of 7 & 8 Vict., C. 61
(Page 76) Changes in the counties of Scotland
(Page 76)Contract subtree (IX-2.) Changes in the ancient boundaries of boroughs
(Page 76) Extent of alteration in the limits of boroughs
(Pages 77-78, Page 1, Pages lxxix-lxxxi)Contract subtree (X.) Recent territorial subdivisions of the country
(Pages 77-78, Page 1, Page lxxix)Contract subtree (X-1.) Districts (unions)
(Page 77) Parishes united to form poor law unions, and registration districts and sub-districts; officers of unions and districts; irregularity of the ancient subdivisions
(Page 78) Tabular view of the comparative area and population of counties of England, in 1851
(Page lxxix) Substitution of new for old courts and jurisdictions
(Page lxxix) Inequalities of the shires
(Pages lxxix-lxxx)Contract subtree (X-2.) "Registration counties. "
(Page lxxx) Inconvenience of the complex and multifarious subdivisions of the country
(Pages lxxx-lxxxi)Contract subtree (X-3) "divisions. "
(Page lxxxi) Use of the new "divisions" for statistical purposes; principles on which the divisions have been framed; general coincidence of the ancient and modern divisions
(Page lxxxi) Tabular view of the subdivisions of Great Britain, showing their average magnitude-
(Pages lxxxii-lxxxiv)Contract subtree 8. Some of the general results of the inquiry
(Page lxxxii) Summary of the facts and some of the more important results noticed
(Page lxxxii) Increase of population and contemporaneous emigration
(Page lxxxiii) Decrease in the proportional number of acres to each person
(Page lxxxiii) Increase and special conditions of towns in England; equality in numbers of the urban and rural population; intimate relationship of town and country populations
(Page lxxxiv) Extensive sanatory arrangements rendered necessary by the vast system of towns in which half the population lives
(Page lxxxiv) The education and church returns
(Page lxxxiv) Abstracts yet to be presented
(79 pages)Contract subtree Appendix to report:-
(Pages lxxxvii-cxxxii)Contract subtree Tabular results
(Page lxxxvii) Great Britain and Islands in the British Seas
(Pages lxxxviii-cxvii)Contract subtree England and Wales
(Pages lxxxviii-xciv) Population
(Pages xcv-ciii) Houses and families
(Pages cix-cxv) Density
(Pages cxvi-cxvii) Territorial divisions
(Pages cxviii-cxix) Population
(Page cxx) Houses
(Pages cxxiv-cxxxii)Contract subtree Islands in the British Seas
(Page cxxiv) Population
(Page cxxiv) Houses
(Page cxxiv) Towns
(Pages cxxxiii-clvi)Contract subtree Forms and instructions
(Page cxxxv) Instructions to registrars of births and deaths for the formation of enumeration districts
(Page cxxxvi) Form of plan of division, with description of proposed enumeration districts
(Pages cxxxvii-cxxxviii) Form of householder's schedule
(Pages cxxxix-cxli) Instructions to regsitrars with respect to the census
(Pages cxlii-cxlvii) Instructions to enumerators
(Pages cxlviii-cliv) Form of enumeration book
(Pages clv-clvi) Form of ship schedule
(Pages clvii-clxi) Major dawson's statement respecting the areas
(Page clxiv) Errata
(57 pages)Contract subtree Summary tables
(Page clxvii) Great Britain and Islands in the British Seas
(Pages clxviii-ccxi)Contract subtree England and Wales
(Pages clxxi-cxcix)Contract subtree Subdivisions of counties
(Page clxxi) Bedford
(Page clxxi) Berks
(Page clxxii) Buckingham
(Page clxxii) Cambridge
(Page clxxiii) Cornwall
(Page clxxiii) Cumberland
(Page clxxiv) Derby
(Page clxxiv) Devon
(Page clxxvii) Durham
(Page clxxvii) Essex
(Page clxxviii) Gloucester
(Page clxxxi) Hereford
(Page clxxxi) Hertford
(Page clxxxii) Huntingdon
(Page clxxxiv) Leicester
(Page clxxxv) Middlesex
(Page clxxxvi) Norfolk
(Page clxxxvi) Northampton
(Page clxxxvii) Northumberland
(Page clxxxviii) Rutland
(Page clxxxix) Salop
(Page cxc) Stafford
(Page cxci) Suffolk
(Page cxciv) Warwick
(Page cxciv) Westmorland
(Page cxcv) Worcester
(Page cxcvii) Anglesey
(Page cxcvii) Brecknock
(Page cxcvii) Cardigan
(Page cxcviii) Carnarvon
(Page cxcviii) Denbigh
(Page cxcviii) Flint
(Page cxcix) Merioneth
(Page cxcix) Monmouth
(Page cxcix) Montgomery
(Page cxcix) Pembroke
(Page cxcix) Radnor
(Pages cc-cciii) Counties and parliamentary divisions
(Pages cciv-ccvii) Cities, boroughs and principal towns
(Pages ccviii-ccxi) Divisions and registration counties
(Pages ccxx-ccxxi) Islands in the British Seas
(48 pages)Contract subtree Division i. London comprising the districts or poor law unions, sub-districts, parishes and places, included within the limits of the Metropolis, as defined in the present London weekly tables of mortality being parts of the counties of Middlesex, Surrey, and Kent
(Pages ii-ix) Summary
(Pages x-xxv) Parishes and places in the districts situated in Middlesex
(Pages xxiv-xxix) Parishes and places in the districts situated in Surrey
(Pages xxviii-xxxii) Parishes and places in the districts situated in Kent
(Page xxxiii) Cities and parliamentary boroughs
(Pages xxxiv-xxxvii) Ecclesiastical districts
(Pages xxxviii-xlv) London within the bills of mortality
(105 pages)Contract subtree Division ii. South Eastern division. Comprising Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire
(Pages 3-11) Index
(Pages 2-15) Summary of counties
(Pages 16-23) 1 Surrey parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 22-37) 2 Kent parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 36-49) 3 Sussex parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 48-61) 4 Hampshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 62-75) 5 Berkshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 76-85) Registration counties and counties proper
(Pages 86-89) Principal towns
(Pages 90-94) Ecclesiastical districts
(96 pages)Contract subtree Division iii. South Midland division comprising Middlesex (except the Metropolitan portion) Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire
(Pages 3-9) Index
(Pages 2-11) Summary of counties
(Pages 12-13) 6 Middlesex parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 14-19) 7 Hertfordshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 20-27) 8 Buckinghamshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 28-37) 9 Oxfordshire
(Pages 38-49) 10 Northamptonshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 50-51) 11 Huntingdonshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 52-57) 12 Bedfordshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 58-65) 13 Cambridgeshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 66-81) Registration counties and counties proper
(Pages 82-84) Principal towns
(Pages 85-87) Ecclesiastical districts
(83 pages)Contract subtree Division iv. Comprising Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk
(Pages 3-9) Index
(Pages 2-11) Summary of counties
(Pages 12-23) 14 Essex parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 24-37) 15 Suffolk parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 38-61) 16 Norfolk parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 62-69) Registration counties and counties proper
(Pages 70-72) Principal towns
(Pages 73-74) Ecclesiastical districts
(115 pages)Contract subtree Division v. South Western division. Comprising Wiltshire, Cornwall, Dorsetshire, and Devonshire, Somersetshire
(Pages 3-13) Index
(Pages 2-15) Summary of counties
(Pages 16-27) 17 Wiltshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 28-39) 18 Dorsetshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 40-55) 19 Devonshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 56-63) 20 Cornwall parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 64-81) 21 Somersetshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 82-93) Registration counties and counties proper
(Pages 94-97) Principal towns
(Pages 98-102) Ecclesiastical districts
(133 pages)Contract subtree Division vi. West Midland division. Comprising Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire
(Pages 2-13) Index
(Pages 2-15) Summary of counties
(Pages 16-29) 22 Gloucestershire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 30-37) 23 Herefordshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 38-49) 24 Shropshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 50-67) 25 Staffordshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 68-77) 26 Worcestershire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 78-91) 27 Warwiceshire parishes, &c. in districts
(Pages 92-109) Registration counties and counties proper
(Pages 110-113) Principal towns
(Pages 114-120) Ecclesiastical districts