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Index to parishes, townships and place, Great Britain, 1851

Table of Contents

(Pages 1-4) Title page and introduction
(Page 5) Index of counties
(Page 6) Distribution of counties in divisional sections
(Pages 7-8) Index to principal towns. England and Wales
(Pages 9-10) Index to principal towns. Scotland
(288 pages)Contract subtree Index to the names of places. England and Wales
(Pages 1-20) Abbas combe to Belleau
(Pages 21-40) Bellerby to Bullers Green
(Pages 41-60) Bulley to Colneis
(Pages 61-80) Colney to East Sutton
(Pages 81-100) East Tadcaster to Great Bromley
(Pages 101-120) Great Broughton to Holt
(Pages 121-140) Holt to Ledbury
(Pages 141-160) Ledsham to Maidstone
(Pages 161-180) Maidstone to North Carlton
(Pages 181-200) North Carlton to Ravensden
(Pages 201-220) Ravensflat to Sandridge
(Pages 221-240) Sandwich to Stourport
(Pages 241-260) Stourton to Ulmston
(Pages 261-280) Urpeth to Withington
(Pages 281-288) Withington to Zennor
(Page 288) Corrections and additions
(Pages 1-11) Index to the names of places. Scotland
(Pages 13-14) Index to the names of places. Islands in the British Seas