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Population tables II, Vol. I. England and Wales. Divisions I-VI, 1851

Table of Contents

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(16 pages)Contract subtree Title & contents pages
(Page 3) Contents
(Page 4) Reference to counties
(Page 4) Distribution of counties in divisional sections
(Pages 5-6) Alphabetical list of occupations
(Pages 7-15) Analytical table of contents
(149 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Pages v-xxviii)Expand subtree 1. Ages of the people
(Pages xxviii-lxviii)Expand subtree 2. Civil or conjugal condition of the people
(Pages lxix-c)Expand subtree 3. Occupations of the people
(Pages ci-cviii) 4. Birth-place of the people
(Pages cviii-cxv)Expand subtree 5. The blind and the deaf-and-dumb
(Pages cxv-cxix)Expand subtree 6. Public institutions. Inmates of workhouses, prisons, lunatic asylums, and hospitals
(Pages cxix-cxx) 7. Conclusion
(1 foldout) Map showing the distribution of the occupations of the people of Great Britain
(Pages cxxi-cxxvii) 53. Occupations of the people of Great Britain and the Islands in the British Seas in 1851, arranged in alphabetical order, distinguishing the males and females under and above 20 years of age
(Pages cxxviii-cxlix)Expand subtree 54. Classified arrangement of the occupations of the males and females of Great Britain in 1851, distinguishing their ages in quinquennial periods
(Pages cl-cli) Occupations of males and females in Great Britain aged 85 years and upwards, distinguishing the numbers at each quinquennial period of age up to 100
(36 pages)Contract subtree Appendix to report
(Page cliii) Contents of appendix
(Pages cliv-clxiv)Expand subtree Ages of the people
(Pages clxv-clxxi)Expand subtree Civil condition of the people
(Pages clxxii-clxxv)Expand subtree Occupations of the people
(Pages clxxvi-clxxxiv)Expand subtree Birth-places of the people
(Pages clxxxiv-clxxxv)Expand subtree Blind, deaf-and-dumb; inmates of public institutions
(Pages clxxxvi-clxxxvii) Note explanatory of the general arrangement of the tables
(156 pages)Contract subtree Summary tables
(Pages cxc-cxci) Contents of summary tables
(Pages cxcii-cc)Expand subtree Ages of the people
(Pages cci-ccxvii)Expand subtree Civil condition of the people
(Pages ccxviii-cclxxxvi)Expand subtree Occupations of the people
(Pages cclxxxvii-ccc)Expand subtree Birth-places of the people
(Pages ccci-cccxliv)Expand subtree Blind, deaf-and-dumb; inmates of public institutions
(8 pages)Contract subtree Supplement to summary tables
(Pages cccxlv-cccxlviii) Tables showing the numbers and ages of the army and navy at home and abroad; also their distribution, and the number and ages of officers and men who are unmarried, married, and widowed
(Pages cccxlix-cccl) Tables showing the number of persons attached to the principal departments of the civil service
(Page cccli) Tables showing the number, ages, and country of birth of mariners
(Page cccli) Table showing the number of Europeans (and their families) in the service of the East India Company, in the three presidencies of India
(Page ccclii) Tables showing the ages of peers of parliament and of the members of the house of commons in 1851
(532 pages)Contract subtree England and Wales
(Pages 1-2, Pages 1-38)Expand subtree Division I. London
(Pages 39-136)Expand subtree Division II. South-Eastern
(Pages 137-252)Expand subtree Division III. South Midland
(Pages 253-324)Expand subtree Division IV. Eastern
(Pages 325-422)Expand subtree Division V. South-Western
(Pages 423-530)Expand subtree Division VI. West-Midland