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Tables of deaths, Vol. I, Ireland, 1851

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-4) Title page and contents
(333 pages)Contract subtree Section i
(Pages 1-40)Expand subtree The history of epidemic pestilences in Ireland
(Pages 41-235)Expand subtree Table of cosmical phenomena, epizootics, famines, and pestilences, in Ireland
(Pages 235-256)Expand subtree The last general potato failure and the great famine and pestilence of 1845-50
(Pages 257-333)Expand subtree Table of cosmical phenomena, epizootics, epiphitics, famines, and pestilences, in Ireland
(31 pages)Contract subtree Section ii
(Pages 334-346)Expand subtree Analysis of the table of cosmical phenomena & c
(Pages 346-364)Expand subtree Meteorology weather and seasons
(31 pages)Contract subtree Section iii
(Pages 364-394)Expand subtree Report upon the deaths in hospitals and sanitary institutions
(7 pages)Contract subtree Section iv
(Pages 394-400)Expand subtree Deaths in prisons and prison hospitals, and in charitable institutions
(5 pages)Contract subtree Section v
(Pages 400-404) Deaths in workhouses, auxiliary workhouses, and workhouse hospitals
(10 pages)Contract subtree Section vi
(Pages 404-413) Report on coroners' inquests
(67 pages)Contract subtree Section vii
(Pages 413-479)Expand subtree Analysis of tables of pestilences and tables of deaths
(43 pages)Contract subtree Section viii
(Pages 479-521)Expand subtree Special sanitary report upon the city of Dublin, with tables, &c
(16 pages)Contract subtree Appendix: Copies of the forms used in taking the census of 1851
(Pages 525-526) Form A. Family return
(Page 529) Form C. Family return for the sick
(Page 530) Form D. Return of persons afflicted with insanity and idiocy
(Pages 531-532) Form E. Return of paupers who laboured under sickness/died in a workhouse
(Pages 533-534) Form F. Return of persons who were under treatment/died in hospital
(Pages 535-536) Form I. Return of persons who were under treatment/died in a lunatic asylum
(Page 537) Form P. Return of inquests held in city/county