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General report, England and Wales, Vol. IV, 1891

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-vi) Title and contents
(94 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page 1) Introduction
(Pages 1-3) I. Areas
(Pages 4-18) II. Population and rates of increase
(Pages 19-24) III. Habitations
(Pages 25-34) IV, Sexes, ages, and condition as to marriage
(Pages 35-60)Expand subtree V. Occupations
(Pages 60-69) VI. Birthplaces of the population
(Pages 70-76) VII. Physical infirmities
(Pages 77-80) VIII. Institutions
(Pages 81-82) IX. Languages in Wales and Monmouthshire
(Pages 83-91) X. The United Kingdom
(Pages 92-93) XI. The British Empire
(38 pages)Contract subtree Appendix a
(Pages 95-104)Expand subtree England and Wales. Population, houses, &c
(Pages 105-111)Expand subtree England and Wales. Sexes and ages
(Pages 112-113)Expand subtree England and Wales. Conjugal condition
(Pages 114-116)Expand subtree England and Wales. Birthplaces
(Page 117)Expand subtree England and Wales. Physical infirmities
(Pages 118-119)Expand subtree England and Wales. Tenements
(Pages 120-122)Expand subtree England and Wales. Miscellaneous
(Pages 123-131)Expand subtree United Kingdom
(Page 132)Expand subtree British Empire
(3 pages)Contract subtree Appendix b
(Pages 133-135) Table showing the differences between the classification of occupations adopted in the reports on the censuses in 1881 and 1891
(4 pages)Contract subtree Appendix c
(Pages 136-139) The census (England and Wales.) Act, 1890, and form of householders schedule used at the census in 1891
(Pages 140-141) Errata in vol. I
(Page 142) Errata in vol. II
(Page 143) Errata in vol. III