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Treasury Committee to inquire into questions connected with taking of census report. Minutes of evidence, appendices

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Title page & contents
(Page iii) Treasury minute
(10 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Pages vi-viii) 1. The periods and time at which the census should be taken
(Page viii) 2. The nature of the organisation required for supervision and control
(Pages viii-ix) 3. The staff and accommodation needed for central offices
(Page ix) 4. The appointment and payment of persons employed locally
(Pages ix-xi) 5. The information to be obtained
(Page xi) 6. The tabulation and publication of results
(Page xii) 7. The nature of the legislation required
(Page xv) List of witnesses examined
(114 pages)Contract subtree Minutes of evidence
(Pages 1-16) 21 February 1890: Dr. Wm. Ogle, superintendent of statistics, General Register Office
(Pages 16-28) 24 February 1890: Dr. T. W. Grimshaw, registrar-general for Ireland
(Pages 28-37) 28 February 1890: Dr. G. B. Longstaff
(Pages 37-39) 28 February 1890: Sir R. W. Rawson, K. C. M. G., C. B
(Pages 40-43) 28 February 1890: Mr. F. Tupper
(Pages 44-49) 3 March 1890: Mr. S. Murphy, medical officer of the London county council
(Pages 49-56) 3 March: Dr. B. A. Whitelegge, medical officer of the county council of the West Riding
(Pages 56-60) 7 March 1890: Mr. C. Booth
(Pages 60-68) 7 March 1890: Prof. A. Marshall
(Pages 68-70) 7 March 1890: Prof. J. E. Crawford Munro
(Pages 71-79) 10 March 1890: Mr. R. Giffen, assistant secretary, Board of Trade
(Pages 79-81) 10 March 1890: Mr. A. Gibbs
(Pages 81-83) 10 March 1890: Mr. C. J. White
(Pages 83-89) 14 March 1890: Mr. S. Agnew, C. B., registrar-general for Scotland
(Pages 89-93) 14 March 1890: Mr. H. E. Armstrong, Dr. J. F. L. Sykes, Society of Medical Officers of Health
(Pages 94-97) 17 March 1890: Rev. J. J. Coxhead, London School Board
(Pages 97-109) 17 March 1890: Dr. Wm. Ogle
(Pages 109-111) 21 March 1890: Mr. W. U. Heygate, Church Defence Institution
(Pages 111-113) 24 March 1890: Mr. E. Humphreys, Civil Service Commission
(12 pages)Contract subtree Appendices
(Page 115) List of appendices
(Page 116) 1. Comparison of certain results shown by the census of 1881, and the estimates made on the basis of the increase or decrease of population during 1861-71
(Pages 116-117) 2. Cost of census, 1881
(Page 118) 3. Cost of taking a quinquennial census
(Page 118) 4. Periods during which census clerks were employed
(Pages 118-120) 5. Memorandum on the improvement of census returns, especially as regards occupation and history
(Pages 120-121) 6. Remarks of the registrar-general on the foregoing memorandum
(Pages 121-124) 7. Census forms submitted by Mr. C. Booth
(Pages 124-126) 8. Observations by the secretary to the census department for Ireland on the foregoing forms
(Page 126) 9 Letter from Mr. H. Hollerith as to his electric tabulating system