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Areas, families or separate occupiers, and population, England and Wales, Vol. III. Parliamentary areas, 1911

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Title page & contents
(6 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page iii) Parliamentary counties
(Pages iii-iv) Divisions of counties
(Pages iv-v) Parliamentary boroughs
(Pages v-vii)Expand subtree Number and population of parliamentary areas
(Page vii) Number of electors
(Pages vii-viii) Conclusion
(44 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Page 1) Explanatory notes
(Page 1) Table 1. England and Wales. Families or separate occupiers; population; decennial increase per cent. of population; and number of females to 1000 males at each census, 1801-1911  Download table
(Page 1) Table showing estimate of the numbers of men in the army, navy, and merchant service at home  Download table
(Pages 2-3) Table 2. Parliamentary counties. Area, and population at each successive census  Download table
(Pages 4-16) Table 3. Parliamentary counties and boroughs and their several divisions. Area; families or separate occupiers, 1911; population, 1901 and 1911; and number of electors, 1901 and 1911  Download table
(Pages 17-42) Table 4. Constitution of parliamentary boroughs by civil parishes, and differences between parliamentary and municipal boroughs. Area; families, or separate occupiers, and population, 1911  Download table
(Page 43) Table 5. Number and home ports of persons absent at sea on fishing vessels at the date of the census  Download table