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Preliminary report, Northern Ireland, 1926

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page and contents
(Pages i-iii) Part I. Introduction
(Pages 1-5) Part II. Statistical notes
(11 pages)Contract subtree Part III. Tables
(Page 7) I. Northern Ireland: Population, 1841-1926
(Page 7) II. Counties: Population, 1841-1926
(Pages 8-10)Expand subtree III. Population, 1911 and 1926; and acreage
(Page 10) IV. Parliamentary constituencies: Population and electors
(Page 11) V. Population, 1901, 1911, and 1926: Counties, county boroughs, urban districts, rural districts, and wards of county boroughs, arranged in order of increase or decrease in the period 1911-1926
(Pages 13-14)Expand subtree VI. Persons per acre, habitable buildings, and accommodation
(Page 15) VII. Counties: Habitable buildings, 1911 and 1926
(Page 15) VIII. Northern Ireland: Habitable buildings, accommodation and families, 1841-1926
(Page 16)Expand subtree IX. County boroughs: Families dwelling in tenements of one room, divided into
(Page 17) X. County boroughs: Tenements of one room, and distribution of persons therein, 1911 and 1926
(Page 17) XI. Counties: Persons aged 70 years and over, 1841-1926
(Page 18) Publications of the government of Northern Ireland