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Population, Scotland, Vol. II, Ages, marital condition, education and birthplaces, 1901

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-x) Title page and contents
(20 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page xiii) Nature of abstracts
(Page xiii) Summary of abstract tables
(Pages xiv-xvi)Expand subtree Ages of the people
(Page xvii)Expand subtree Condition as to marriage of the people
(Pages xvii-xix)Expand subtree Husbands and wives
(Pages xix-xx)Expand subtree Bachelors and spinsters
(Pages xxi-xxii)Expand subtree Widowers and widows
(Pages xxii-xxiv)Expand subtree Ages and condition as to marriage of persons suffering from infirmities
(Pages xxiv-xxv)Expand subtree Ages and condition as to marriage of inmates of public institutions, &c
(Pages xxv-xxvi)Expand subtree Ages and condition as to marriage of foreigners in Scotland
(Pages xxvi-xxvii)Expand subtree Educational statistics. Persons under 20 years of age and number in receipt of instruction
(Pages xxviii-xxx)Expand subtree Birthplaces of the people
(36 pages)Contract subtree Tables appended to the report
(Pages xxxiii-xxxvi)Expand subtree Condition as to marriage
(Pages xxxvi-xxxvii)Expand subtree Infirmities
(Page xxxvii)Expand subtree Education
(Page xxxvii)Expand subtree Birthplaces
(Pages xlvi-liii)Expand subtree Condition as to marriage
(Page liv)Expand subtree Foreigners
(Pages lv-lviii)Expand subtree Education
(Pages lix-lxv)Expand subtree Birthplaces
(388 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 1-278)Expand subtree Section i. Ages and condition as to marriage of the people
(Pages 279-335)Expand subtree Section ii. Educational statistics
(Pages 337-388)Expand subtree Section iii. Birthplaces of the people
(Pages 389-399) Index to volume ii
(1 errata) Errata in volume i