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County of London. Text, 1921

Table of Contents

(Pages i-iv) Title page & contents
(Pages v-vi) Preface
(Page vi) Explanatory notes
(5 pages)Contract subtree Population
(Pages 3-4) Administrative areas
(Page 4) Poor law and registration areas
(Pages 4-5) Parliamentary constituencies
(Page 5) Judicial areas
(9 pages)Contract subtree Buildings, dwellings, rooms and families
(Pages 6-7) Proportion of families to structurally separate dwellings
(Page 7) Rooms and dwellings
(Pages 7-10) Size of family in relation to number of rooms occupied
(Pages 10-11) Comparison of dwellings and units of occupation
(Pages 11-13) Housing in Metropolitan boroughs
(Page 14) Institutions
(5 pages)Contract subtree Sexes, ages and marital conditions
(Pages 15-16) Distribution according to age
(Page 16) Distribution by marital condition
(Pages 16-17) Excess of males over females
(Pages 17-18) Distribution in Metropolitan boroughs
(Page 18) Education
(19 pages)Contract subtree Occupations
(Pages 19-20) Proportions occupied at various ages
(Page 20) Occupational classification
(Page 20) Occupations carried on in London and in the Metropolitan boroughs
(Pages 20-28) Occupations of males
(Pages 29-37) Occupations of females
(3 pages)Contract subtree Birthplaces and nationality
(Page 39) Occupations of aliens
(Pages 39-40) Dependency and orphanhood