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Age abstract, England and Wales, 1841

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-4) Title & contents pages
(384 pages)Expand subtree England
(73 pages)Expand subtree Wales
(Pages 458-459) General summary of England and Wales
(14 pages)Expand subtree Islands in the British Seas
(Pages 474-477) General summary of Great Britain
(19 pages)Expand subtree Appendix
(154 pages)Contract subtree Scotland
(Pages 2-5) Aberdeen
(Pages 6-9) Argyll
(Pages 16-17) Banff
(Pages 18-19) Berwick
(Pages 24-27) Caithness
(Pages 28-31) Clackmannan
(Pages 32-35) Dumbarton
(Pages 36-37) Dumfries
(Pages 38-41) Edinburgh
(Pages 42-43) Elgin or Moray
(Pages 50-53) Forfar
(Pages 54-55) Haddington
(Pages 56-61) Inverness
(Pages 62-65) Kincardine
(Pages 66-69) Kinross
(Pages 70-73) Kirkcudbright
(Pages 74-79) Lanark
(Pages 80-85) Linlithgow
(Pages 86-89) Nairn
(Pages 90-93) Orkney and Shetland
(Pages 94-95) Peebles
(Pages 96-103) Perth
(Pages 104-109) Renfrew
(Pages 110-113) Ross & Cromarty
(Pages 114-117) Roxburgh
(Pages 118-121) Selkirk
(Pages 122-125) Stirling
(Pages 126-131) Sutherland
(Pages 132-135) Wigtown
(Pages 136-149) Summary of Scotland
(Pages 150-153)Contract subtree Appendix
(Pages 150-151) Table of Ages at each year up to 15 for counties and principal towns of Scotland
(Pages 152-153) Alphabetical list of towns and places distinguished in the age abstract of Scotland