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Supplement to the 1926 topographical index, Northern Ireland, 1937

Table of Contents

(4 pages)Contract subtree Title page and contents
(Page iii) Preface
(Page iv) Table of contents
(Pages v-ix) Introduction
(15 pages)Contract subtree Alphabetical index supplements to
(Pages 1-9) 1. Parliamentary constituencies for Northern Ireland elections
(Page 9) 2. Parliamentary constituencies for United Kingdom elections
(Page 10) 3. Poor law unions (or superintendent registrars' districts)
(Page 10) 4. County districts
(Page 10) 5. County boroughs
(Page 10) 6. County electoral divisions
(Page 10) 7. Dispensary (or registrars') districts
(Page 11) 8. District electoral divisions (including wards)
(Pages 12-13) 9. Towns (other than county boroughs, municipal boroughs, and urban districts)
(Pages 14-15) 10. Townlands