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County of Armagh, 1937

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-v) Title page, preface & contents
(3 pages)Contract subtree Explanatory notes and definitions
(Page vi) Area
(Page vi) Population
(Page vi) Administrative divisions
(Pages vi-vii) Houses
(Page vii) Rooms
(Page vii) Families
(Pages vii-viii) Rateable valuation
(Page viii) Usual residence
(Page viii) Birthplaces
(Page viii) Religions
(Page viii) Numbering of tables
(Page viii) Convention as to dots (.) and dashes (-)
(Page viii) Correction of census data
(14 pages)Contract subtree Part I. Statistical notes
(Page ix) Area
(Pages ix-xii)Expand subtree Population
(Pages xii-xv)Expand subtree Housing buildings, rooms, families, etc
(Pages xv-xvi) Institutions, etc
(Page xvi) Usual residence
(Pages xvi-xx) Sex, age, and marital condition
(Pages xx-xxi) Birthplaces
(Pages xxi-xxii) Religions
(27 pages)Contract subtree Part II. Tables
(Page 1) Area, houses, and population, 1937. (Co.)
(Page 1) Population, 1821-1937. (Co.)
(Page 2) Population, 1926 and 1937, and analysis of intercensal changes
(Pages 3-4) Area, population, houses, accommodation, and valuation. (Co., U. D's, R. D's
(Page 5) Population, houses, and accommodation. (Towns.)
(Page 5) Area, population, houses, accommodation, and valuation. (Co., U's, D's.)
(Page 6) Area, population, houses, accommodation, and valuation. (Co., C. E. D's.)
(Page 7) Private houses and population therein. (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)
(Pages 8-9) Inhabited private houses, rooms, and families. (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)
(Pages 10-13) Private families: Size, rooms occupied, and density of room occupation. (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)
(Page 14) Inhabited buildings, etc., Other than private houses: Class, number, total population, and (for institutions) number of inmates (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)
(Page 15) Population, parliamentary electors, and members of parliament. (Parliamentary constituencies.)
(Pages 15-16) Adjustment of enumerated population to obtain resident population. (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)
(Pages 16-17) Ages (individual years), sex, and marital condition. (Co.)
(Page 18) Ages (quinquennial groups), sex, and marital condition. (Urban aggregate rural aggregate.)
(Pages 19-20) Ages (quinquennial groups), sex, and marital condition. (Co., U. D's, R. D's
(Pages 21-23) Population under 21 by ages (individual years) and religion (Roman Catholic and other denominations). (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)
(Page 24) Birthplaces. (Co.)
(Pages 25-26) Persons born outside Northern Ireland by religion, sex, and duration of residence in Northern Ireland. (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)
(Page 27) Religions. (Co., U. D's, R. D's.)