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General report . England and Wales. 1861

Table of Contents

(Pages i-xv) Title & contents pages
(Pages 1-3) Introduction
(7 pages)Expand subtree I. Population, houses & families
(7 pages)Expand subtree II. Territorial distribution & subdivisions
(Page 18) III. Ages of the population
(3 pages)Expand subtree IV. Conjugal condition of the people
(Page 22) V. Increase of the population since 1651
(4 pages)Expand subtree VI. Laws regulating the growth of nations
(13 pages)Contract subtree VII. Occupations of the people
(Page 27) 1. Previous classification
(Page 27) 2. Abstract of the occupations of the people since 1861
(Page 28) 3. Distributions of the people in various occupations over the country
(Page 29) 4. Masters of trades and men in their employ
(Page 29) 5. Farmers and labourers and the size of farms
(Page 29) 6. On nomenclature and on the classification of the people
(Pages 30-39)Expand subtree 7. The new classification of the people in their several occupations
(Pages 39-41) VIII. Migration of the people at home (birthplaces)
(23 pages)Expand subtree IX. The blind & the deaf-and-dumb
(6 pages)Expand subtree X. Public institutions: Workhouses, prisons, lunatic asylums & hospitals
(Pages 71-72) XI. Island in the British Seas
(Page 72) XII. Area and population of the British Empire
(Pages 72-76) Conclusion
(172 pages)Expand subtree Appendix to the report. Exposition by Dr Farr of the new classification of the people according to their employments