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Occupations (Appendix), England and Wales, Vol. X, 1911

Table of Contents

(Pages i-ii) Title page & note
(Pages iii-xiii) Instructions to clerks employed in classifying occupations
(Pages 1-3) Summary of classified list of occupations
(Pages 4-13) Headings arranged under order and sub-order
(188 pages)Contract subtree Classified list. Orders, sub-orders and headings
(Pages 14-23) 1. Persons engaged in or in connection with the general or local government of the country
(Pages 23-28) 2. Persons engaged in the defence of the country
(Pages 28-34) 3. Persons engaged in professional occupations and their subordinate services
(Pages 34-38) 4. Persons engaged in domestic offices or services
(Pages 39-41) 5. Persons engaged in commercial occupations
(Pages 41-59) 6. Persons engaged in Conveyance of men, goods, and messages
(Pages 59-62) 7. Persons engaged in agriculture
(Page 62) 8. Persons engaged in fishing
(Pages 62-74) 9. Persons working in and about, and working and dealing in the products of, mines and quarries
(Pages 74-113) 10. Persons working and dealing in metals, machines, implements, and conveyances
(Pages 114-120) 11. Persons working and dealing in precious metals, jewels, watches, instruments, and games
(Pages 120-123) 12. Persons engaged in building, and works of construction
(Pages 124-129) 13. Persons working and dealing in wood, furniture, fittings, and decorations
(Pages 129-134) 14. Persons working and dealing in brick, cement, pottery, and glass
(Pages 134-142) 15. Persons working and dealing in chemicals, oil, grease, soap, resin, etc
(Pages 142-146) 16. Persons working and dealing in skins, leather, hair, and feathers
(Pages 146-151) 17. Persons working and dealing in paper, prints, books, and stationary
(Pages 152-177) 18. Persons working and dealing in textile fabrics
(Pages 178-185) 19. Persons working and dealing in dress
(Pages 186-192) 20. Persons working and dealing in food, tobacco, drink, and lodging
(Pages 192-195) 21. Persons engaged in gas, water, and electricity supply, and sanitary service
(Pages 195-200) 22. Other, general, and undefined workers and dealers
(Pages 200-201) 23. Persons without specified occupations or unoccupied
(153 pages)Contract subtree Alphabetical list of occupations showing the heading to which each is to be referred
(Pages 355-356) Form of census schedule
(Pages 357-370) Memorandum to the enumerators on the subject of occupations