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County of London. Tables Part. I, 1921

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page & contents
(Pages i-ii) Preface
(Page ii) Explanatory notes
(48 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Page 1) 1 Population, 1801-1921, and intercensal variations (A. C., Outer Ring and Greater London)
(Page 1) 2 Population, 1901-1921, and intercensal variations (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Pages 2-3) 2a Population, 1901-1921, and intercensal variations (outer ring and greater London by boroughs, urban districts and rural districts)
(Pages 4-10) 3 Population, acreage, private families and dwellings (A. C., Met. B. s, Wards of Met. B. s and civil parishes)
(Page 11) 4 Population, acreage, and certain age groups (poor law unions or parishes)
(Pages 12-13) 5 Population and constitution by local government areas (registration district and sub-districts)
(Page 13) 6 Intercensal changes in boundaries, 1911-21 (administrative and registration areas)
(Page 14) 7 Population and parliamentary electors (parliamentary constituencies)
(Page 15) 8 Constitution by local government areas (parliamentary constituencies)
(Page 16) 9 Population, acreage and constitution (petty sessional division)
(Page 16) 9a Population and acreage (central criminal court district)
(Pages 17-23) 10 Buildings, dwellings, rooms and families (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Pages 24-31) 11 Private families and rooms occupied (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Pages 32-33) 12 Institutions (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Pages 34-37) 13 Ages (individual years) (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Pages 38-45) 14 Ages (quinquennial groups) and marital conditions (A. C. and Met. B. s)
(Page 46) 14a Ages (individual years) and marital conditions (A. C)
(Page 47) 15 Education (A. C)