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Classification of industries, England and Wales, 1931

Table of Contents

(Pages 1-2) Title page & contents
(6 pages)Contract subtree Introduction
(Pages ii-v) Instructions to clerks employed in classifying industries
(11 pages)Contract subtree Summary of classified list of industries
(Pages 1-2) Orders and sub-orders
(Pages 3-11) Orders, sub-orders, and groups, with code numbers
(31 pages)Contract subtree Classified list
(Page 12) Order I. Fishing
(Page 12) Order II. Agriculture
(Pages 12-13) Order III. Mining and quarrying
(Pages 13-14) Order IV. Manufacture of bricks, pottery, glass, etc
(Pages 14-16) Order V. Manufacture of chemicals, dyes, explosives, paints, oils, grease
(Pages 16-23) Order VI. Manufacture of metals, machines, implements, conveyances, jewellery, watches
(Pages 23-25) Order VII. Manufacture of textiles and textile goods (not dress); cellulose
(Pages 25-26) Order VIII. Preparation of skins and leather and manufacture of goods in leather and leather substitute (not clothing of footwear)
(Pages 26-27) Order IX. Manufacture of clothing (not knitted)
(Pages 27-28) Order X. Manufacture of food, drink, tobacco
(Pages 28-29) Order XI. Wood working; manufacture of cane and basket ware, furniture, fittings
(Pages 30-31) Order XII. Paper making; manufacture of stationary and stationary requisites; printing, bookbinding and photography
(Page 31) Order XIII. Building, decorating, stone and slate cutting and dressing, and contracting
(Pages 31-33) Order XIV. Other manufacturing industries
(Page 33) Order XV. Gas, water, electricity
(Pages 33-34) Order XVI. Transport and communication
(Pages 34-37) Order XVII. Commerce and finance
(Pages 37-39) Order XVIII. Public administration and defence
(Pages 39-40) Order XIX. Professions
(Pages 40-41) Order XX. Entertainments and sport
(Pages 41-42) Order XXI. Personal service (including hotels and catering, but excluding government and local authority)
(Page 42) Order XXII. Other industries, or industry not stated
(52 pages)Contract subtree Alphabetical list of industries showing the code number of the group to which each is to be referred
(2 errata) Errata