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Population tables. England and Wales. Vol. I. Index, 1861

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Title and contents
(Pages iii-vi) Indices
(Pages vii-viii) Introductory note
(26 pages)Contract subtree Summary tables
(Page xi) Table I. Population enumerated in England and Wales and in the Islands in the British Seas on April 8th, 1861
(Pages xi-xxx)Expand subtree England and Wales
(Page xxxi)Expand subtree Islands in the British Seas
(Page xxxii) Table XVI. Return by Her Majesty's emigration commissioners, showing the number of emigrants from the United Kingdom during the ten years 1851 to 1860
(Pages xxxiii-xxxiv) Memorandum on the operation of the extra-parochial places act
(190 pages)Expand subtree Abstracts. Part I. Houses and population in 1861 of the several counties, hundreds, lieutenancy sub-divisions, cities, boroughs, and towns, and of each parish or place separately assessed for the relief of the poor
(554 pages)Expand subtree Abstracts: Part II. Registration and poor law divisions: Areas, houses and population, in 1851 and 1861, of superintendent registrars' districts and poor law unions; of district parishes and ecclesiastical districts; inmates of public institutions; persons on board shipping; births, deaths, and marriages, 1851-1860, &c
(6 pages)Expand subtree Abstracts: Part iii. Islands in the British Seas
(159 pages)Expand subtree Index to the names of places
(Page 910) Corrections and additions