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General report, England and Wales, 1901

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-vii) Title page & contents
(192 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Pages 1-10) Introduction
(Pages 11-15)Expand subtree I. Areas
(Pages 15-36)Expand subtree II. Population and rates of increase
(Pages 36-43)Expand subtree III. Habitations
(Pages 43-72)Expand subtree IV. Sexes, ages, and condition as to marriage
(Pages 72-132)Expand subtree V. Occupations
(Pages 133-145)Expand subtree VI. Birthplaces of the population
(Pages 145-160)Expand subtree VII. Physical infirmities
(Pages 160-164)Expand subtree VIII. Institutions
(Pages 164-165)Expand subtree IX. Floating population and vagrants
(Pages 165-170) X. Languages in Wales and Monmouthshire
(Pages 170-187)Expand subtree XI. The United Kingdom
(Pages 188-189) XII. The British Empire
(Pages 189-191) Conclusion
(126 pages)Contract subtree Appendix A
(Pages 193-301)Expand subtree England and Wales
(Pages 302-315)Expand subtree United Kingdom
(Pages 316-318)Expand subtree British Empire
(8 pages)Contract subtree Appendix B
(Pages 319-320) Census (Great Britain) Act, 1900 (63 Vict. Ch. 4.)
(Pages 321-322) Form of occupier's schedule used at the census in 1901
(Pages 323-325) Memorandum on the subject of occupations for the guidance of local officers engaged in making, or revising, the enumeration