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Report, Ireland, 1841

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Title page & contents
(57 pages)Contract subtree I. Report of commissioners
(Pages v-vi) Introduction
(Pages vi-viii) Territorial divisions
(Pages viii-xiv) Persons
(Pages xiv-xv) Houses
(Pages xv-xvii) Families
(Pages xvii-xxiii) Occupations
(Pages xxiv-xxvii) Emigration, home
(Pages xxvii-xxix) Colonial and foreign
(Pages xxix-xxxii)Expand subtree Rural economy
(Pages xxxii-xl) Education
(Pages xl-liii)Expand subtree Vital statistics
(38 pages)Contract subtree Appendix to report
(Pages lvi-lix)Expand subtree I. General table reduced to centesimal proportions
(Pages lx-lxxiii) II. Tables of the ages of the living reduced to a base of 100000
(Pages lxxiv-lxxv) III. Table of proportions
(Pages lxxvi-lxxix) IV. Tables of married persons
(Pages lxxx-lxxxii)Expand subtree V. Tables of the expectancy of life
(Page lxxxiii) VI. Table of ages, showing the actual number of males and females alive at each age
(Page lxxxiv) VII. Mortality
(Page lxxxv) VIII. Deaths, reduced to a base of 100000
(Pages lxxxvi-lxxxvii) IX. The army serving in Ireland
(Pages lxxxviii-lxxxix) X. Natives of Ireland residing in Great Britain
(Pages xc-xcii) XI. Instructions to enumerators, and examples of forms
(444 pages)Contract subtree III. County tables
(Pages 153-262)Expand subtree Munster
(Pages 263-364)Expand subtree Ulster
(Pages 365-430)Expand subtree Connaught
(Pages 431-440)Expand subtree Summary of Ireland
(362 pages)Contract subtree IV. Miscellaneous tables
(Pages 442-445) I. Tables of parliamentary boroughs
(Pages 446-447) II. 1. Emigration: Home
(Pages 448-449) II. 2. Emigration: Home
(Pages 450-451) II. 3. Emigration: Home
(Pages 450-451) II. 4. Emigration: Foreign
(Pages 452-453) III. Rural economy: 1. Division of land
(Pages 452-453) III. Rural economy: 2. Woods and plantations
(Pages 454-457) III. Rural economy: 3. Farms and live stock
(Pages 458-459) IV. Births
(Pages 460-463) V. Marriages: Leinster, rural and civic
(Pages 464-465) V. Marriages: Dublin, city of
(Pages 466-469) V. Marriages: Munster, rural and civic
(Pages 470-471) V. Marriages: Cork, city of
(Pages 472-475) V. Marriages: Ulster, rural and civic
(Pages 476-477) V. Marriages: Belfast, town of
(Pages 478-481) V. Marriages: Connaught, rural and civic
(Pages 482-487) V. Marriages: Summary of Ireland
(Pages 488-489) VI. Ages
(312 pages)Expand subtree Tables of death, with Surgeon Wilde's report upon them
(Pages 207-213) V. Index to names of places in the general tables
(1 errata) Errata