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Preliminary observations, enumeration abstract, appendix, Ireland, 1821

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iii) Title page & contents
(Pages v-xxiv) Preliminary observations
(380 pages)Contract subtree Enumeration abstract
(Pages 1-136)Expand subtree I. Leinster
(Pages 137-234)Expand subtree II. Munster
(Pages 235-320)Expand subtree III. Ulster
(Pages 321-377)Expand subtree IV. Connaught
(Pages 378-380) Summary of Ireland
(16 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Pages 383-387) I. Instructions for enumerators on taking the census
(Page 388) II. Form of enumerators' affidavit, and magistrates' certificates of approbation
(Pages 389-392) III. Model of a tabular digest of the enumerators' returns according to townlands
(Page 393) Extract from the original return of the parish of Inchicronane