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Area, population and number of houses, Ireland, Vol. I and II, 1861

Table of Contents

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(377 pages)Contract subtree Province of Leinster
(Page 1, Pages 1-2, Page 1) Title page, introduction and contents
(Page 3, Pages 1-16)Contract subtree County of Carlow
(Pages 1-14)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 1-3) Barony of Carlow
(Pages 3-5) Barony of Forth
(Pages 6-8) Barony of Idrone, East
(Pages 9-10) Barony of Idrone, West
(Pages 10-12) Barony of Rathvilly
(Page 13) Barony of St. Mullins, Lower
(Page 14) Barony of St. Mullins, Upper
(Page 14) Summary by baronies
(Pages 15-16) Electoral divisions
(Pages 17-42)Contract subtree County of Dublin
(Pages 19-42)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 19-21) Barony of Balrothery, East
(Pages 22-23) Barony of Balrothery, West
(Pages 23-25) Barony of Castleknock
(Pages 26-29) Barony of Coolock
(Page 30) Barony of Dublin
(Pages 30-32) Barony of Nethercross
(Pages 32-35) Barony of Newcastle
(Pages 35-38) Barony of Rathdown
(Pages 39-41) Barony of Uppercross
(Page 42) Summary by baronies
(Pages 43-45)Contract subtree Dublin city
(Pages 44-45) Parishes and municipal wards
(Pages 46-47)Contract subtree County and city of Dublin
(Pages 46-47) Electoral divisions
(Pages 49-80)Contract subtree County of Kildare
(Pages 51-78)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 51-53) Barony of Carbury
(Pages 53-54) Barony of Clane
(Pages 55-56) Barony of Connell
(Pages 56-58) Barony of Ikeathy and Oughterany
(Page 58) Barony of Kilcullen
(Pages 59-61) Barony of Kilkea and Moone
(Pages 62-63) Barony of Naas, North
(Pages 64-65) Barony of Naas, South
(Pages 66-67) Barony of Narragh and Reban, East
(Pages 67-68) Barony of Narragh and Reban, West
(Pages 69-71) Barony of Offaly, East
(Pages 71-74) Barony of Offaly, West
(Pages 74-76) Barony of Salt, North
(Pages 76-78) Barony of Salt, South
(Page 78) Summary by baronies
(Pages 79-80) Electoral divisions
(Pages 81-117)Contract subtree County of Kilkenny
(Pages 83-117)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 83-84) Barony of Callan
(Pages 84-88) Barony of Crannagh
(Pages 88-91) Barony of Fassadinin
(Pages 91-93) Barony of Galmoy
(Pages 93-100) Barony of Gowran
(Pages 101-104) Barony of Ida
(Pages 105-107) Barony of Iverk
(Pages 107-110) Barony of Kells
(Pages 110-113) Barony of Knocktopher
(Pages 113-117) Barony of Sillelogher
(Page 117) Summary by baronies
(Page 117)Contract subtree Kilkenny city
(Page 117) Parishes
(Pages 118-120)Contract subtree County and city of Kilkenny
(Pages 118-120) Electoral divisions
(Pages 121-147)Contract subtree King's county
(Pages 123-145)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 123-124) Barony of Ballyboy
(Pages 124-127) Barony of Ballybritt
(Pages 127-129) Barony of Ballycowan
(Pages 129-132) Barony of Clonlisk
(Pages 132-133) Barony of Coolestown
(Pages 134-135) Barony of Eglish
(Pages 135-139) Barony of Garrycastle
(Pages 139-140) Barony of Geashill
(Pages 140-141) Barony of Kilcoursey
(Pages 142-143) Barony of Lower Philipstown
(Pages 143-144) Barony of Upper Philipstown
(Pages 144-145) Barony of Warrenstown
(Page 145) Summary by baronies
(Pages 145-147) Electoral divisions
(Pages 149-168)Contract subtree County of Longford
(Pages 151-167)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 151-154) Barony of Ardagh
(Pages 154-157) Barony of Granard
(Pages 157-160) Barony of Longford
(Pages 160-162) Barony of Moydow
(Pages 163-165) Barony of Rathcline
(Pages 165-167) Barony of Shrule
(Page 167) Summary by baronies
(Pages 167-168) Electoral divisions
(Pages 169-185)Contract subtree County of Louth
(Pages 171-185)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 171-175) Barony of Ardee
(Page 175) Barony of Drogheda
(Pages 175-177) Barony of Dundalk, Lower
(Pages 177-179) Barony of Dundalk, Upper
(Pages 179-183) Barrony of Ferrard
(Pages 183-185) Barony of Louth
(Page 185) Summary by baronies
(Page 185)Contract subtree Drogheda borough
(Page 185) Parishes
(Pages 186-187)Contract subtree County of Louth and borough of Drogheda
(Pages 186-187) Electoral divisions
(Pages 124-228)Contract subtree County of Meath
(Pages 124-226)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 191-192) Barony of Deece, Lower
(Pages 192-194) Barony of Deece, Upper
(Page 194) Barony of Drogheda
(Pages 194-196) Barony of Duleek, Lower
(Pages 197-199) Barony of Duleek, Upper
(Pages 199-200) Barony of Dunboyne
(Pages 200-202) Barony of Fore
(Pages 202-204) Barony of Kells, Lower
(Pages 204-207) Barony of Kells, Upper
(Pages 207-208) Barony of Lune
(Pages 209-210) Barony of Morgallion
(Pages 210-212) Barony of Moyfenrath, Lower
(Pages 212-213) Barony of Moyfenrath, Upper
(Pages 124-215) Barony of Navan, Lower
(Pages 216-217) Barony of Navan, Upper
(Pages 217-220) Barony of Ratoath
(Pages 220-222) Barony of Skreen
(Pages 222-224) Barony of Slane, Lower
(Pages 224-225) Barony of Slane, Upper
(Page 226) Summary by baronies
(Pages 226-228) Electoral divisions
(Pages 229-255)Contract subtree Queen's county
(Pages 231-253)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 231-232) Barony of Ballyadams
(Pages 232-235) Barony of Clandonagh
(Pages 235-238) Barony of Clarmallagh
(Pages 238-240) Barony of Cullenagh
(Pages 240-242) Barony of Maryborough, East
(Pages 242-243) Barony of Maryborough, West
(Pages 243-244) Barony of Portnahinch
(Pages 245-246) Barony of Slievemargy
(Pages 246-248) Barony of Stradbally
(Pages 248-250) Barony of Tinnahinch
(Pages 250-252) Barony of Upperwoods
(Page 253) Barony of Upperwoods
(Pages 253-255) Electoral divisions
(Pages 257-287)Contract subtree County of Westmeath
(Pages 259-285)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 259-260) Barony of Brawny
(Pages 260-262) Barony of Clonlonan
(Pages 262-264) Barony of Corkaree
(Pages 264-266) Barony of Delvin
(Pages 266-267) Barony of Farbill
(Pages 267-269) Barony of Fartullagh
(Pages 269-272) Barony of Fore
(Pages 272-274) Barony of Kilkenny, West
(Pages 274-276) Barony of Moyashel and Magheradernon
(Pages 276-279) Barony of Moycashel
(Pages 279-281) Barony of Moygoish
(Pages 281-284) Barony of Rathconrath
(Page 285) Summary by baronies
(Pages 285-287) Electoral divisions
(Pages 289-338)Contract subtree County of Wexford
(Pages 291-335)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 291-299) Barony of Ballaghkeen
(Pages 299-303) Barony of Bantry
(Pages 303-308) Barony of Bargy
(Pages 308-315) Barony of Forth
(Pages 315-321) Barony of Gorey
(Pages 322-326) Barony of Scarawalsh
(Pages 327-329) Barony of Shelburne
(Pages 329-331) Barony of Shelmaliere, East
(Pages 332-335) Barony of Shelmaliere, West
(Page 335) Summary by barony
(Pages 336-338) Electoral divisions
(Pages 339-368)Contract subtree County of Wicklow
(Pages 341-366)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 341-346) Barony of Arklow
(Pages 346-347) Barony of Ballinacor, North
(Pages 347-350) Barony of Ballinacor, South
(Pages 350-354) Barony of Newcastle
(Pages 354-356) Barony of Rathdown
(Pages 356-358) Barony of Shillelagh
(Pages 358-361) Barony of Talbotstown, Lower
(Pages 361-365) Barony of Talbotstown, Upper
(Page 366) Summary of baronies
(Pages 366-368) Electoral divisions
(Pages 368-369) Summary of province
(383 pages)Contract subtree Province of Munster
(Pages 1-3) Title page and contents
(Pages 1-46)Contract subtree County of Clare
(Pages 3-42)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 3-7) Barony of Bunratty, Lower
(Pages 7-11) Barony of Bunratty, Upper
(Pages 11-14) Barony of Burren
(Pages 14-18) Barony of Clonderalaw
(Pages 18-22) Barony of Corcomroe
(Pages 22-24) Barony of Ibrickan
(Pages 24-28) Barony of Inchiquin
(Pages 29-31) Barony of Islands
(Pages 31-34) Barony of Moyarta
(Pages 34-38) Barony of Tulla, Lower
(Pages 38-41) Barony of Tulla, Upper
(Page 42) Summary by baronies
(Pages 43-46) Electoral divisions
(Pages 47-111)Contract subtree County of Cork, East Riding
(Pages 49-111)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 49-50) Barony of Barrets
(Pages 50-59) Barony of Barrymore
(Pages 59-63) Barony of Condons and Clangibbon
(Pages 63-66) Barony of Cork
(Pages 67-76) Barony of Duhallow
(Pages 76-83) Barony of Fermoy
(Pages 83-91) Barony of Imokilly
(Pages 91-93) Barony of Kerrycurrihy
(Pages 93-97) Barony of Kinalea
(Pages 97-99) Barony of Kinnatalloon
(Pages 99-101) Barony of Kinsale
(Pages 101-106) Barony of Muskerry, East, part of
(Pages 106-110) Barony of Orrery and Kilmore
(Page 110) Summary by baronies
(Page 111) Cork city
(Page 111) Parishes
(Pages 111-115)Contract subtree County of Cork, East Riding, and city of Cork
(Pages 111-115) Electoral divisions
(Pages 117-164)Contract subtree County of Cork, West Riding
(Pages 119-161)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 119-122) Barony of Bantry
(Pages 122-126) Barony of Bear
(Pages 126-130) Barony of East Carbery, East division
(Pages 131-136) Barony of East Carbery, West division
(Pages 136-141) Barony of West Carbery, East division
(Pages 141-147) Barony of West Carbery, West division
(Page 147) Barony of Courceys
(Pages 148-151) Barony of Ibane and Barryroe
(Pages 151-153) Barony of Kinalmeaky
(Pages 153-154) Barony of Muskerry East, part of
(Pages 154-160) Barony of Muskerry, West
(Page 161) Summary by baronies
(Pages 161-164) Electoral divisions
(Pages 165-218)Contract subtree County of Kerry
(Pages 167-214)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 167-173) Barony of Clanmaurice
(Pages 173-180) Barony of Corkaguiny
(Pages 181-182) Barony of Dunkerron, North
(Pages 183-185) Barony of Dunkerron, South
(Pages 185-189) Barony of Glanarought
(Pages 189-193) Barony of Iraghticonnor
(Pages 193-198) Barony of Iveragh
(Pages 199-205) Barony of Magunihy
(Pages 205-214) Barony of Trughanacmy
(Page 214) Summary by baronies
(Pages 215-218) Electoral divisions
(Pages 219-262)Contract subtree County of Limerick
(Pages 221-262)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 221-226) Barony of Clanwilliam
(Pages 226-230) Barony of Connello, Lower
(Pages 230-233) Barony of Connello, Upper
(Pages 233-236) Barony of Coonagh
(Pages 236-241) Barony of Coshlea
(Pages 241-244) Barony of Coshma
(Pages 244-248) Barony of Glenquin
(Pages 248-250) Barony of Kenry
(Page 250) Barony of Kilmallock
(Pages 250-251) Barony of Owneybeg
(Pages 251-254) Barony of Pubblebrien
(Pages 254-258) Barony of Shanid
(Pages 258-261) Barony of Smallcounty
(Page 262) Summary of baronies
(Page 262)Contract subtree Limerick city
(Page 262) Parishes
(Pages 263-266)Contract subtree County and city of Limerick
(Pages 263-266) Electoral divisions
(Pages 267-301)Contract subtree County of Tipperary, North Riding
(Pages 269-298)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 269-274) Barony of Eliogarty
(Pages 274-277) Barony of Ikerrin
(Pages 277-281) Barony of Kilnamangh, Upper
(Pages 281-288) Barony of Lower Ormond
(Pages 288-293) Barony of Upper Ormond
(Pages 293-297) Barony of Owney and Arra
(Page 298) Summary by baronies
(Pages 290-301) Electoral divisions
(Pages 303-339)Contract subtree County of Tipperary, South Riding
(Pages 305-336)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 305-312) Barony of Clanwilliam
(Pages 312-316) Barony of Iffa and Offa, East
(Pages 316-322) Barony of Iffa and Offa, West
(Pages 322-324) Barony of Kilnamanagh, Lower
(Pages 324-331) Barony of Middlethird
(Pages 331-335) Barony of Slievardagh
(Page 336) Summary by baronies
(Pages 337-339) Electoral divisions
(Pages 341-372)Contract subtree County of Waterford
(Pages 343-372)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes, townlands and towns
(Pages 343-349) Barony of Coshmore and Coshbride
(Pages 349-353) Barony of Decies within Drum
(Pages 353-362) Barony of Decies without Drum
(Pages 362-365) Barony of Gaultiere
(Pages 365-366) Barony of Glenahiry
(Pages 366-369) Barony of Middlethird
(Pages 369-371) Barony of Upperthird
(Page 372) Summary of baronies
(Page 373)Contract subtree Waterford city
(Page 373) Parishes
(Pages 374-376)Contract subtree County and city of Waterford
(Pages 374-376) Electoral divisions
(Pages 376-377) Summary of province